TRASH 2017



Organitzat per el Departament de Filologia Anglesa de la Universitat de Viena i el Grup de Recerca AASD -Art, Arquitectura i Societat Digital de la Universitat de Barcelona.
28-29 de gener, 2017.
Department of English and American Studies
University of Vienna
Spitalgasse 2-4, Hof 8
A-1090 Vienna

Trash is everywhere: the superfluous, the unwanted, that which is too much, that which remains. Although there has been some interest in this subject particularly in recent years, artefacts, discourses, and practices on trash / rubbish / waste / garbage / junk / detritus have not yet been systematically approached on an academic level. The 2017 symposium, which anticipates an international conference to take place in 2018, seeks to explore the range of themes covered under the heading of ‘trash’ and the multiplicity of theoretical perspectives and methodological tools that can be applied in its analysis.